Veteran Owned Family Operated
Veteran Owned Family Operated 

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                                                 St. Louis & Kansas City

50 lbs. Under $50 - Small Box Specials

                                                    Weight                                   Total

  1 – 10


11 – 20


21 - 30


31 – 40


41 – 50


                                         Current Fuel service Charge is 34% as of 12-19-23 


We charge $10.00 for each additional box that is going to the same place with same PO number.


** Prices are for all packages or boxes, weighing under 50 lbs. that are either going to or from St. Louis

     or Kansas City. This rate has been significantly discounted and will include a fuel service charge.

     We will cross reference skid spots as well to determine which price will be more beneficial to

     the customer.



Springfield to St. louis

Fenton to Springfield

Columbia to St. louis

Ozark to Kcmo


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